Classes, Camps, Choreography

Tumbling Classes:

We have 1 hour tumbling classes for all ages and levels offered Monday through Thursday!

Click on "sign up here" for instructions on how to sign up. Classes are $60/month and $25 annually. 

Tuition is billed and statements are sent on the 20th of the month for the next month.

Tuition is charged on the 5th of the month for that month.

If you sign up prior to the 20th for the following month, you will be charged for that current month and then charged again on the 20th for the next month. If you plan to register before the start of the month, please do it after the 20th to avoid double billing!


Choreography / Stunt Clinics / Material Camps


USASF certified coach Daniel Satterfield offer custom choreography services for schools and all-star teams, for all ages and levels! Daniel also offers instructional stunt clinics and material camps for all ages and levels. Clinics and camps are based on your team needs, so contact us today to create your personalized plan!


Email Daniel at for more information!